Thursday, August 4, 2011

Development stack

On the previous post I wrote a bit about commonly used web development tools.

I now want to focus about my favorite development stack for Java web applications development -

Application server : Tomcat - currently using version 6, but will upgrade to 7 soon. Works great both in Win and Ubuntu. Easy to setup and scalable.
Application framework : Spring - highly stable, robust and now with version 3+ more simple.
Still using different Spring modules can make one fall into maven hell, but I believe it will get better and that the pros are much higher then the cons.
DB : MySQL   / Neo4J - I recently started to think about integration between Graph DB and Relational DB. Recent trends makes us transforming the conventions we know and use. For me - I start thinking that maybe a Graph DB is the "standard" / "natural" choice and relational DB should be chosen per case and for good reason. See Neo4J presentations about how the world should be modeled via the eye of graphs (Try to look for "Thinking in Graphs" article).
ORM : Hibernate/ Spring data-  spring data graph now provides more conservative use and aligned with the current JPA conventions.
UI framework : JQuery + JQuery UI - I also prefer to use plugin/extensions that are theme roller ready.

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