Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Have you used bitly/TinyURL? Check out the following cool site

CatchyLink.com is a new site targeting anyone who seek to shorten a URL.
The differentiation from common URL shortening services in the web (such as bitly and TinyURL) is that CatchyLink generate ....hmmm.... catchy links :-) .

Other sites generates short url that is a collection of hashed letters, no human can remember it or tell it our loud, such as http://tinyurl.com/cvt4cpfaDff.

CatchyLink creates URL that not only is short but also one that humans can pronounce and remember.
Such as:  http://catchyLink.com/BigBlueOcean 
Catchy, right?

This is very useful if you need to tell someone else the link or you simply need a link that no one will forget. In our case you can tell your audience to enter the BigBlueOcean. Cool right?

CatchyLink also allows you to regenerate the Catchy Link, in case you did not like the suggested URL.   It actually quite funny & addictive ...  try it and see what I mean ... !

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