Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring 3.1 Release Train is complete

On March 14, 2012 SpringSource and VMware announced (and here) that the Spring 3.1 Release Train is complete.

The following is now fully support Spring 3.1 (with some changes in bullets)
  • Spring Integration 
  • Spring Security 
    • Introduce session "validation" strategy instead of having invalid session check directly in SessionManagmentFilter  
    • Remove internal evaluation of JSP EL
    • Support HttpOnly Flag for Cookies in Servlet 3.0 Environments
    • Allow HttpSessionSecurityContextRepository to have different session key for different instances
  • Spring Batch 
  • Spring Data 
    • Support for locking
    • Support for @IdClass in entities
    • Support for LessThanEqual and GreaterThanEquals, True/False keywords in query methods
    • Added CDI integration for repositories
    • Improved parameter binding for derived queries for null values
  • Spring Mobile 
    • iPad is now recognized as a mobile device
    • Split out Spring Mobile's WURFL integration into a separate project
    • Added DeviceUtils and SitePreferenceUtils for convenient lookup of the 'currentDevice' and 'currentSitePreference', respectively.
    • Simplified packaging by collapsing the device.mvc and device.lite sub-packages into the device root package
  • Spring for Android  
    • Android Auth - support for Spring Social & spring Security
    • Updated RestTemplate to be compatible with Spring Framework 3.1
    • Added support for Basic Authentication
    • defaulting to standard J2SE facilities (HttpURLConnection) in Gingerbread and newer, as recommended by Google

    Wish you an easy upgrading!

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