Friday, June 1, 2012

Eclipse metamodel generation (JPA 2.0) issues

Please see updated post in that manner which simplifies the process a bit better.

Static Metamodel classes are uses for type safe queries in JPA2.0 standard.

There are few ways to create these classes:
1. Define the IDE (e.g. eclipse) to generate the files automatically (like the IDE automatic build which generates the class files on each Java file change).
2. Define maven to generate the files. The generation will be done when running the maven script.

 I would recommend to avoid the generation via the Eclipse IDE, since I've noticed that the generated static meta model are inaccurate (e.g. some members were missing).

 I'm not sure what the reason is since the missing member has no special attribute that differentiate it form the other class members that are generated, however, the fact is that it is constantly not generated.

Static meta model files generation via maven overcome this issue.

Good luck !

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