Saturday, December 8, 2012

PixMix - very cool app recommendation

I would like to recommend a cool mobile app I recently installed called PixMix.

You might have came across it in a Jelastic technological post, in their spotlight corner.

PixMix app allows one to instantly create photo albums and share it with friends.
So every photo me and my friends  take in a certain album, instantly uploaded into an online space which show all the photos.

What distinguish it apart from other apps is the fact that it has cool feature of animated photo gallery.
This feature is a killer feature for me.
Every new photo, of a certain album, is immediately shown in the live animated gallery.

There is also the right amount of balance between social sharing and private albums. It allows you to share what right (and not instantly takes the whole album public) and for who is right.

I tried it in my daughter 2 years birthday party.
I connected my laptop into my living room TV, opened the album via the PixMix site and displayed the animated live gallery.
I started to take few photos vie PixMix, just to see it works, and to my surprise it was instantly appeared in the animated gallery.
That really took the attention of my family, and before I realized, everyone started taking photos and compete each other to see which photo will appear in the animated gallery...

The nice thing is that at the end of the birthday, I was left with many photos, capturing many moments, I wasn't even part of...

Check it out  :-)

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